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Principles for the Exemption of Radiation Sources and Practices from Regulatory Control (Russian edition)

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Russian STI/PUB/817 92-0-423889-5
9.50 1989


The need for a consistent international approach to exclusion and exemption of radiation sources and practices from regulatory control has become increasingly evident, especially for sources which may be transported from one country to another, such as consumer products containing very small amounts of radioactive material. This safety guide represents a first international consensus on the subject of exemption principles. It recommends a procedure which might be followed in implementing the IAEA/NEA(OECD)/ILO/WHO Basic Safety Standards for Radiation Protection.
Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Basic concepts; 3. Definitions of practice and source; 4. Principles for exemption; 5. Application of the principles for exemption to a single practice; 6. Preparation and administration of exemptions; Annex: Examples of definitions of some practices and sources.

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