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Tips and tricks in CT


Presenter: Prof. Guy Frija and Dr. Joana Santos
Date of broadcast: 29 August 2017, 3 pm CET
Organized jointly with the EuroSafe Imaging campaign of the European Society of Radiology.
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About the webinar

EuroSafe Imaging is the European Society of Radiology’s flagship campaign to promote quality and safety in medical imaging. The mission of EuroSafe Imaging is to support and strengthen medical radiation protection across Europe following a holistic, inclusive approach.
The escalated use of computed tomography (CT) in medical imaging, both for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, is significantly contributing to the increased patient exposure to ionising radiation and consequently to increased population dose, especially in developed countries.

It is well known that the exponential development of CT technology has contributed to the improvement of image quality and faster CT examinations in a relatively short period of time. However, if those technological advances are not used correctly the average radiation dose delivered per examination can increase and therefore not contributing for the benefits of patients.

Learning objectives

  1. To become familiar with EuroSafe Imaging.
  2. To learn about the activities of EuroSafe Imaging and how to engage.
  3. To consolidate knowledge regarding current radiation dose levels used in CT.
  4. To understand dose optimisation measures using scanner technological feature.
  5. To be aware of the impact of dose optimisation on patient dose and image quality.

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