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International Virtual Conference on Theranostics (iViCT 2019)

4-5 September 2019 / #iViCT2019

The International Virtual Conference on Theranostics (iViCT 2019) focussed on the status and trends in theranostic approaches for managing patients with thyroid cancer, for which the theranostic approach has been well established, as well as prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumours, where theranostics is emerging and becoming an essential tool. It covered trends in the field and the way forward in disseminating such an innovative personalized medicine approach for the treatment of cancer patients worldwide.

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Background information

Over the past few years, nuclear medicine has undergone impressive growth with the development of positron emission tomography (PET), especially using 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), and new approaches in targeted radionuclide therapy, among others. These developments pave the way for personalized medicine by offering practical solutions, in particular in the management of cancer patients. Radiopharmaceuticals targeting specific biomarkers are powerful tools for the evaluation of disease location and spread, establishing prognostic value, evaluation of therapy response and support for treatment planning or guided biopsies. Moreover, once labelled with beta- or alpha-emitters, radiopharmaceuticals targeting relevant molecular markers expressed by different solid and haematological tumours can be used for radionuclide targeted therapies.

Conference objectives

  • To evaluate the current status of nuclear medicine, in the context of theranostics for the management of patients with prostate and thyroid cancer as well as neuroendocrine tumours;
  • To evaluate how the integration of diagnostic molecular imaging with radionuclide therapies is key to the development of personalized medicine;
  • To reflect on challenges faced in low- and middle-income countries with regards to theranostic applications;
  • To exchange information on current advances in the field among leading clinical scientists worldwide; and
  • To identify challenges and trends, as well as the role of the IAEA and other international organizations in supporting Member States.

Conference format

The NET and Prostate sessions consist of one-hour lectures followed by 90-minute interactive case presentation. Interaction for participants via the IAEA App and #iViCT2019 will be available. During the Q/A the experts participating from abroad will be linked via WebEx

The Thyroid session will include a 20 minute lecture and an 85 minute panel of 20 groups of experts from abroad and in Vienna. Experts from the ATA, ETA, and other professional organizations will discuss controversial issues involved in I-131 therapies. Virtual participants can interact via the IAEA App and #iViCT2019.

The Way Forward session is composed of a one-hour lecture followed by 30-minute Q&A. Interaction for participants via the IAEA App and #iViCT2019will be available. During the Q/A the experts participating from abroad will be linked via WebEx.


IVICT 2019 - Event App Code

Livestreaming will be available to anyone and is accessed by clicking on the icon above.

However, to be able to be awarded CME credits, please officially register to the livestream by sending an email to ivict2019@iaea.org giving your full name, profession, country and institutional name. You will receive an email with the necessary information to access additional conference information using the ‘IAEA Conference and Meetings App’. The App is supported on Android and IOS platforms and can be easily downloaded on your mobile device. Apart from being able to interact with speakers as if present, you may partake in the short evaluations which are compulsory to acquire CME credits.

Scientific Secretaries

Diana Paez
Section Head, Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging Section, Division of Human Health Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications

Francesco Giammarile
Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging Section, Division of Human Health Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications

Target Audience

The virtual conference will provide clinicians, scientists and professionals with an international forum at which they can review the latest developments in all aspects of personalized medicine, with a view to addressing the health challenges common to many IAEA Member States.


The conference will be conducted in English



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