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The IAEA provides access to a wide variety of databases and scientific resources. A central portal is NUCLEUS, which assembles over 130 IAEA scientific, technical and regulatory resources, including databases, applications, publications and training material. Other databases give access to nuclear scientific data and information on nuclear energy-related issues.

NUMDAB is an information resource on the status of nuclear medicine practice worldwide. The database contains data on individual nuclear medicine facilities and their manpower and equipment, as well as on the isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals they use.

The IAEA Nuclear Power Engineering Team Sites are a collaboration resource for IAEA teams managed by the Nuclear Power Engineering Section for sharing documents, meeting notices and other information related to consultancies, technical meetings, workshops, and other projects.

The objective of this Platform is to provide a mechanism to enhance the transparency of the activities associated with implementing the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety and to improve the dissemination of safety related technical and technological information among Member States for the purpose

The NSR database is a bibliography of nuclear physics articles, indexed according to content and spanning nearly 100 years of research. The NSR database contains bibliographic references to nuclear data used for the evaluation of nuclear structure and decay data (ENSDF).

NUSEC is a platform that allows members of the nuclear security community to exchange information on all aspects of nuclear security.

Nuclear Wallet Cards present properties for ground and isomeric states of all known nuclides. Properties given are: Spin and parity assignments, Nuclear mass excesses, Half-life, isotopic abundances, Decay modes.

NUCLEUS is a common access point to over 130 IAEA scientific, technical and regulatory information resources. It includes databases, websites, applications, publications, safety standards and training material.

NuDat allows users to search and plot nuclear structure and nuclear decay data interactively. NuDat 2 is a software product that allows to search and plot nuclear structure and nuclear decay data interactively. NuDat 2 was developed by the National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC).

This course is based on lectures from the Regional Workshop on the IAEA Nuclear Safety Standards. 

Photon Interaction Data (EPDL), Atomic Relaxation Data (EADL), Electron Interaction Data (EEDL), Excitation Data (EXDL) and Photon Anomalous Scattering factors (ASF).

It is a regional web-based collaboration platform supporting the development of Iberoamerican nuclear operators staff working community of practice.

Temperature dependent cross sections for the ENDF/B-VII.1 library.


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