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The IAEA provides access to a wide variety of databases and scientific resources. A central portal is NUCLEUS, which assembles over 130 IAEA scientific, technical and regulatory resources, including databases, applications, publications and training material. Other databases give access to nuclear scientific data and information on nuclear energy-related issues.

Nuclear Decay Data in the MIRD Format. Tables of nuclear and atomic radiations from nuclear decay and decay scheme drawings will be produced in the Medical Internal Radiation Dose (MIRD) format from the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) for the specified nuclide. 

The Minor Actinide Property Database (MADB) is a bibliographic database on physico-chemical properties of selected Minor Actinide (MA) compounds and alloys.

Evaluated neutron reaction data (Maslov et al.). Nuclear data file by V.M. Maslov et al includes evaluated neutron reaction data for Th-232, Pa-231,233,U-232, 233, 234, 238, Np-238, Pu-238, Pu-242, Am-241, 242-g, 242-m, 243, Cm-243, 245, 246 in ENDF-6 format. 

This database contains information on national radioactive waste management programmes, plans and activities, relevant laws and regulations, policies and radioactive waste inventories.

Neutron cross section standards are important in the measurement and evaluation of all other neutron reaction cross sections. Not many cross sections can be defined as absolute - most are measured relative to the cross section standards.

The Neutron Metrology File (NMF-90) [1,2] is an integrated database for performing neutron spectrum adjustment (unfolding) calculations.

The NIDS interactive platform is a new information resource developed by the Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section at the IAEA to support nuclear infrastructure development for Member States embarking on a nuclear power programme (newcomers).  

This data collection contains selected nuclear data for actinides and fission products as well as fission product yields for safeguards applications. The contents of a handbook published by the IAEA in 1997 is made available in PDF format, as separate files for each table and its description.

The IAEA provides fundamental nuclear data for energy and non-energy applications, as well as atomic data for fusion energy research.

NEWS stands for Nuclear Events Web-based System and is an IAEA-supported communication channel on the Internet.

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulation System (NFCSS), formerly known as VISTA, is a scenario-based computer model for the estimation of fuel cycle material, service requirements and actinide arisings.

Here you can find resources and be part of our community on a wide variety of Nuclear Science and Instrumentation topics. Materials and resouces include Document and Software archives containing find manuals, documents and teaching materials on a wide range of subjects. 


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