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IAEA Bulletin

The IAEA Bulletin is the IAEA's flagship publication, highlighting IAEA's work in the peaceful uses of nuclear technology, nuclear safety and security and non-proliferation. Published quarterly, it includes impact stories, interviews and news. It is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

19-6 December 1977 Statement of the Director General to the General Conference
19-5 October 1977 The International Scope of Safeguards
19-4 August 1977 The UN and the IAEA
19-3 June 1977 Renewed Confidence in Nuclear Power - Closing Address by the Director General
19-2 April 1977 Network of Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratories
19-1 February 1977 The United Nations Water Conference Water and Energy: A Symbiotic Marriage
18-0 December 1976 Food irradiation: contributions to public health in developing countries
18-5 October 1976 Mathematical modelling of Regional Fuel Cycle Centres
18-3 June 1976 The use of neutron moisture meters in irrigation studies in Egypt
18-2 April 1976 Some activities of the IAEA on the use of radioisotopes and radiation
18-1 February 1976 Fuel cycle demand, supply and cost trends
17-6 December 1975 Financing of power expansion for developing countries


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