Nuclear Green

Vol. 41-2

June 1999

The June 1999 IAEA Bulletin edition examines the potential issues resulting from the Year 2000 (Y2K) computer problem, or ‘millennium bug’, and the IAEA’s initiatives in this regard. Reports highlight actions in areas of nuclear safety, safeguards and physical protection of nuclear material, radioactive waste management, medical facilities, nuclear fuel cycle facilities, nuclear power performance, and the Agency’s own computer systems and operations. This edition also features an essay by US ambassador John B. Ritch III on nuclear energy’s global development.

Nuclear Green

How bad a bug? Approaching Y2K's Eleventh Hour

The Millennium Bug & Development

The IAEA & Y2K

Progress & Cooperation

Certain Challenges

Power & Performance

Assessing Vulnerabilities

Steps for Safety

Protecting Patients

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