Radiation Safety

Vol. 36-2

June 1994

For many years the oceans were used for the disposal of industrial wastes, including radioactive wastes. In the 1970s, the practice became subject to an international convention which had the aim of regularizing procedures and preventing activities which could lead to marine pollution. This article traces the history of radioactive waste disposal at sea from the time when it first came within the view of international organizations up to the present. 

Radiation safety: New international standards

Sea disposal of radioactive wastes: The London Convention 1972

Safety standards for radioactive waste management: Documenting international consensus

The interface between nuclear safeguards and radioactive waste disposal: Emerging issues

Education and training in radiation protection and nuclear safety: Bridging the gaps

Radon in the human environment: Assessing the picture

Radioecological research of the Black Sea: Report from Romania

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