Radiation technologies

Vol. 36-1

March 1994

Pollution of water, land, and air is a widespread and growing concern of global proportions. Media reports of diseases and contamination caused by the improper treatment and disposal of waste products occur on a regular basis. In many countries, recycling initiatives are being seen at the individual, community, city, and state levels. Of particular concern are wastes that present problems in two areas: those containing potentially infectious microorganisms (sewage sludge, biomedical wastes, wastewater) and those contaminated with toxic chemicals. Basic types of irradiation systems which are currently being used in waste treatment operations, or are being studied for this purpose, include gamma, electron-beam, ultraviolet, and X-ray

Nuclear and radiation applications in industry: Tools for innovation

Electron beam processing of fuel gases: Clearing the air

Radiation technologies for waste treatment: A global perspective

Monitoring wear and corrosion in industrial machines and systems: A radiation tool

Radiation technology in surgery and the pharmaceutical industry: An overview of applications

Accelerators in science and industry: Focus on the Middle East & Europe

Food irradiation in developing countries: A practical alternative

Radiation applications and waste management: Taking the final steps

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