Radioactive Waste

Vol. 34-2

June 1992

The purpose of this paper is to present a draft of a coherent set of fundamental principles of protection and safety for nuclear power, which might be considered as a basis for developing formal principles for an eventual de jure adoption by governments. The objective is to facilitate agreements for a global harmonization on criteria to offset perceived threats from nuclear power to health and the environment. (author)

Objectives for international co-operation in the field of nuclear safety: A joint challenge

A formal international nuclear safety regime: The first steps

Fundamental principles of protection and safety for nuclear power

A more vigorous approach to IAEA safety services

International safety review of WWER-440/230 nuclear power plants

Advanced reactors: Safety and environmental considerations

Advanced light-water reactor: Russian approaches

Nuclear safety and the European Community: Broadening perspectives

International overview: Good practices at nuclear power plants

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