Nuclear energy & development

Vol. 29-2

June 1987

This article deals with the field of isotope hydrology. The distinction between artificial and environmental isotopes is made. Age determination of water is described. IAEA support and activities in relation to applications of isotope techniques to hydrology. Examples of applications carried out with Agency support in Northern Africa, Asia and Latin America are mentioned. The article also deals briefly with water resources in arid countries and training support. 1 tab

Nitrogen research for perennial crops. Scientists are studying the role of trees in restoring and maintaining soil fertility

Insects, isotopes and radiation. Wider use of nuclear techniques is expected in controlling harmful insects

Water and earth sciences: Isotopes in the field. Countries are applying stable and radioactive elements to help track and solve hydrological problems

Rusitec the cow

Breeding for eradication

Radioisotopes and radiation technology in industry. A report on some lesser known, but widely applied, industrial applications

Electron beam processing of combustion flue gases

Nuclear techniques in mineral exploration, extraction, and processing

In perspective: The role of safety assessment and risk management. Unified systematic analysis can help to improve management of industrial risks for prevention of accidents

Nuclear power in developing countries: Requirements & constraints

Nuclear power development in China. The country is seeking to develop a diversified energy base

The International Atomic Energy Agency: Origins and early years. Peace through scientific co-operation became an abiding purpose

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