Nuclear plant safety

Vol. 28-3

September 1986

The paper discusses the way in which the informations concerning radiological measurements and protective measures were exchanged between Member States and the IAEA after the Chernobyl reactor accident and the lessons learned for responding to any possible future accident. The reported total exposure rates from the USSR and other European countries and iodine-131 and cesium-137 maximum activities in the form of milk in some European countries after the Chernobyl accident are given

The Soviet Union and the development of nuclear power. An overview of plans and the Chernobyl accident

The post-Chernobyl outlook for nuclear power. A view on responses to the accident from an international perspective

New directions in nuclear safety. An overview of the Agency's expanding programme

Information exchange and mutual emergency assistance. The framework for accident response and notification

Information exchange after Chernobyl. From a radiation protection viewpoint, observations on the information flow

Report from Seibersdorf: Post accident radiological measurements. Data from the Agency's laboratory in Austria

Radiation levels: WHO reports on Chernobyl. Experts estimate radiation dose commitment in Europe

National report: Sweden. Monitoring the fallout ; Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident

National report: Poland. The first four weeks ; Chernobyl nuclear power accident

National report: Germany, Federal Republic of. Steps for safety ; Chernobyl nuclear power accident

National report: United Kingdom. Chernobyl - the aftermath. What can the industry learn from the accident

National report: United States. Lessons of Chernobyl ; Chernobyl nuclear power accident

Worldwide nuclear power status and trends. Nuclear's contribution to electricity supply is growing

PRIS: A multi-purpose information tool ; PRIS - Power Reactor Information System Description:

Manpower development: Moving to meet challenges. An overview of demands and IAEA's role in the field

National report: Observations from France. A look at some reasons behind the strong programme

National report: Experience and prospects in Bulgaria. Nuclear's share of electricity is expected to grow

National report: Operations experience in Finland. Performance factors are high, outage times low

National report: INPO's impact in the USA. Born of TMI, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations promotes excellence

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