Decommissioning nuclear facilities

Vol. 27-4

December 1985

It will be possible, without major difficulties and undue risks, to carry out future decommissioning or to maintain shutdown facilities in a safe condition over a period of years. Several points must be emphasized, however: It does not yet appear possible to lay down general rules for defining, in an industrial context, the tactics to be applied for each type of facility, even though dismantling certain large units (power reactors and plants) after final shutdown can be used to evaluate the quality of available means, tools, and equipment. Operations already carried out show that more suitable techniques have to be created and developed. It is necessary to co-ordinate decommissioning policy with such interrelated activities as robotics and waste management, for example. Actions needed for the future are mentioned. Finally the research and development activities in France are mentioned. These are concerned with general studies and the following specific subjects: Safety evaluation of nuclear facilities in a final shutdown state and during decommissioning. Remote operation and remote manipulation. Robotics techniques. Cutting tools and techniques for materials. Decontamination and waste treatment. Processing and management of radioactive waste

Building on experience: An international perspective. An overview of decommissioning and the IAEA's role in worldwide co-operation

The European Community's research programme - next phase. Dismantling operations and waste treatment are major elements

Overview of cost estimates and financing practice. Surveys show a wide variance in costs, a range of funding approaches ; Decommissioning of nuclear facilities

Steady progress at TMI-2. Past milestones pave the way for recovery teams to retrieve the fuel

French experience and plans. Demonstration is central to a multi-faceted R and D programme ; Decommissioning of nuclear plants

Taking Canada's Gentilly-1 to a "static state"

Decommissioning USDOE nuclear facilities

Remote-controlled equipment for decommissioning. Improved robots and manipulators offer practical advantages

Export financing in France. A review of market conditions, credit types, and the OECD "Consensus"; Financing power projects

Financing electric power in developing countries. The global investment outlook and the role of the World Bank

Nuclear power programmes in developing countries: Costs and financing. Seminar experts emphasize need for creative, realistic approaches

Plant cultivation and breeding: Promise of technology. Symposium experts assess the prospects of some new techniques ; The mutations during in vitro culture of plants

IAEA 29th General Conference: Session highlights ; September 1985, Vienna

Strengthening global efforts for development. Highlights of the Director General's annual address ; 29th IAEA General Conference, September 1985

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