Coordinated Research Projects – Food safety and quality

Integrated Radiometric and Complementary Techniques for Mixed Contaminants and Residues in Foods

Coordinated Research Project ¦ December 2016 ¦ CRP Code: D52041 ¦ Closed

Implementation of Nuclear Techniques to Improve Food Traceability

Coordinated Research Project ¦ May 2010 ¦ CRP Code: D52037 ¦ Closed

Development of Irradiated Foods for Immuno-compromised Patients and Other Potential Target Groups

Coordinated Research Project ¦ February 2010 ¦ CRP Code: D62009 ¦ Closed

Development of Generic Irradiation Doses for Quarantine Treatments

Coordinated Research Project ¦ December 2008 ¦ CRP Code: D62008 ¦ Closed

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