Coordinated Research Projects – Insect Pest Control Section

Improvement of Drosophila Suzukii Mass-Rearing and Released Methods for SIT Programmes

Coordinated Research Project ¦ March 2023 ¦ CRP Code: D41030 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Improving rearing, handling, and field components for fruit fly SIT application

Coordinated Research Project ¦ June 2021 ¦ CRP Code: D41029 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Mosquito Irradiation, Sterilization and Quality Control

Coordinated Research Project ¦ July 2019 ¦ CRP Code: D44004 ¦ Active - Ongoing

Improvement of Colony Management in Insect Mass-rearing for SIT Applications

Coordinated Research Project ¦ September 2017 ¦ CRP Code: D42017 ¦ Active - Ongoing

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