Update: Remarks by IAEA Deputy Director General Tero Varjoranta

The following is a transcript of remarks to reporters today by Tero Varjoranta, IAEA Deputy Director General for Safeguards, upon arrival at the Vienna airport:

“I am sure you are all aware of the joint press statement that we made with our Iranian counterparts. As you know, we reviewed the progress so far done after November and of course the progress has been as planned, and Iran has taken all the initial pragmatic measures that they were supposed to do. And we were able to agree on seven pragmatic measures now that Iran must take by the 15th of May.”

Question: Do you have any indication on the detonator issue that they are ready to answer questions they have not answered before?

Tero Varjoranta: What we discussed was that we will assess the first part of the past issues, which are related to detonators so we will discuss this we have a certain joint idea of how to proceed and then of course we have our own plans so we have plan, things are looking good at this point in time.

Question: Generally, broadly, has the level of trust improved between the sides? Are you able to engage in a more confident way?

Tero Varjoranta: Since November, when we started this framework of cooperation everything has gone as planned.

Question: But what about trust?

Tero Varjoranta: These things take time. And so far, everything has gone as planned.

Question: In these seven points, are all the interests of the agency covered? Do you expect to have any further agreements after May 15?

Tero Varjoranta: There will be new steps. This is the second step. These are the seven measures right now. And after May 15 there will be more.

Question: What has Iran told you about laser enrichment?

Tero Varjoranta: We agreed that we will be provided with more information and also we will carry out a technical visit to their laser centre that is of particular interest for us.

Question: Is it clear that Iran might have a small-scale laser enrichment programme that they have not discussed with you before?

Tero Varjoranta: We have quite a good understanding of how we approach the laser enrichment issue and in that respect we have a plan how to proceed. And in that respect I feel confident that we will find out what we need to know.

Question: Would you say a lot of work remains on the PMD investigation?

Tero Varjoranta: Certainly. This is the first step that is taking place now.

Question: So there’s a long way to go?

Tero Varjoranta: Yes, there are still a lot of outstanding issues, but progress has been good so now we start.

Question: Can you repeat that answer?

Tero Varjoranta: With the respect to the past outstanding issues, we have agreed on the first measures to take place by 15th of May, so there’s still of course work to be done on the past issues, and we will address them all in due course.   

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