KM for New-builds and Newcomers

The IAEA continues to work with Member States to draw conclusions and lessons learned from past experience in nuclear energy, to develop a better understanding of current and emerging challenges, and to work collectively to ensure the economic and humanitarian benefits of nuclear energy can be achieved in a safe and sustainable manner.

IAEA Nuclear Energy Series, No. NG-G-3.1, “Milestones in the Development of a National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power” has also been given a mandate to provide guidance to Member States in a wide range of infrastructure issues that need to be considered.

It is evident that it is necessary to provide concise practical information on the knowledge management activities during all the stages for the planning and implementing of the first NPP project in a country and for New Builds in countries which have previously built nuclear power plants and after no new construction for several years will now be returning to new build status.

Overall, the problem exists that the owner-operator will need to be able to have adequate competencies in place to make an intelligent decision as to their project needs during all phases of a new NPP and ensure that the necessary knowledge are transferred in an effective manner and process after construction.

This initiative addresses all relevant issues and challenges related to the knowledge management during the national nuclear power infrastructure development and new NPP project implementation and suggest recommendations for knowledge management during all phases of the program, based on the good practices drawn from international experience, that will allow to proceed promptly, safely and to high quality standards.

The main objectives of this initiative are to:

  • Define and explain the activities and processes to be implemented by NEPIO for nuclear power infrastructure and by the NPP Owner/Operator for the new NPP project, as these are recommended by the Agency Milestone document;
  • Present the common issues and challenges in the area of the knowledge transfer and retention and in the knowledge management for activities and processes related to national nuclear power infrastructure development and for an new NPP project implementation;
  • Provide an effective guideline about knowledge management processes to NEPIO and prospective NPP Owner/Organizations of countries that are embarking on their first nuclear power project.

The IAEA welcomes subject-matter experts to work closely in cooperation

For more information please contact the Scientific Secretary V. Kolomiiets at: NKM-Contact