NKM Section

Multimedia Course on Scientific and Technical Challenges in Nuclear Power Development

Author: Professor Victor M. Murogov


Through the IAEA regional TC project, RAS/0/047 Supporting Web-Based Nuclear Education and Training through Regional Networking, Multimedia Course on Scientific and Technical Challenges in Nuclear Power Development is made available, free of charge, on this website. The project strives to provide more opportunities, resources, and new strategies for nuclear education and training in the Asia and the Pacific region.

This multimedia course was developed by Mr Victor M. Murogov to target students majoring in nuclear physics for a master’s degree course at the National Research Nuclear University, where he serves as the incumbent Professor. Mr Murogov is also Professor at the Institute Atomic Power Engineering (IATE, Obninsk) and Director of the International Centre of Nuclear Education. He is a former Deputy Director General at the IAEA, where he was Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy.

Lecture course was prepared by the Scientific Team under the leadership of Prof. V.M. Murogov with the participation of Messrs. A.A. Andrianov (PhD), A.A. Natalenko (PhD), and A.I. Voropaev (PhD).

The course consists of three parts with 10 lectures including 700 slides and 20 video films in English. The contents of the course offer a non-standard discipline which is not available at normal university lectures. It helps students to understand the objectives and background of nuclear science and technology development in depth, and to develop their ability for logical thinking through various analyses, comparisons and case studies. The latest information about innovative technology under development and international cooperation in progress gives the students a clear and dynamic picture of the whole nuclear industry and its international context.

This multimedia course was developed before the Fukushima nuclear accident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11th March 2011. Therefore, any subsequent information is not included in the contents.

Those who wish to use the CD-ROM that contains the Multimedia Course on Scientific and Technical Challenges in Nuclear Power Development for non-commercial education and training purpose are kindly requested to fill out the Application Form and send it to the IAEA together with two copies of the filled-out Licence Agreement. (Licensee’s name and address in the first paragraph, and Licensee’s signature and others at the bottom right of the second page). The eligible applicant can receive up to five copies of CD-ROMs with one copy of the Licence Agreement signed by the IAEA. If you have any questions about the Multimedia content and the application procedure, please contact Ms. Keiko Hanamitsu, NKM Section, the Department of Nuclear Energy by e-mail. (K.Hanamitsu).