Supporting organizational learning 

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a key mechanism for capitalizing on the benefits of e-learning, as an effective and efficient means to transfer knowledge. This is especially important as knowledge management (KM) is being recognized as an important element in the ISO standards for quality management systems (ISO 9001).

Due to the ever-increasing capacity building requirements and the entry of KM into quality standards, learning management systems have a large potential to address the wide range of organizational learning needs of Nuclear Operating and Licensed Facilities; providing competency-based learning (managers, technical experts, contractors), enabling process-oriented learning aligned with integrated management systems, supporting the inter-generational knowledge transfer, fostering learning in topical areas, etc.

One of the objectives of this LMS-initiative is to agree on a series of KMAVs (Knowledge Management Assist Visits) to NPPs with advanced LMS systems, to promote KM approaches, to form Community of Practice as well as to collect good practices for the future IAEA tecdoc.

It is planned that this initiative will include visits to six to seven NPPs in 2016-2017:

Our partners:

  • Bulgaria (Kozloduy NPP)
  • Czech Republic (Temelin NPP)
  • China (Daya Bay NPP)
  • Canada (COG)
  • France (TBD)
  • Japan (Hamaoka NPP)
  • Slovakia (Mochovce NPP)
  • Switzerland (Leibstadt NPP)
  • Sweden (Oskarshamn NPP)
  • Russian Federation (Balakovo NPP)
  • USA (Palo Verde NPP, TVA NPP)
  • Ukraine (Khmelnitskiy NPP)

The IAEA welcomes subject-matter experts to work closely in cooperation on this this initiative.

For more information please contact the Scientific Secretary V. Kolomiiets at: NKM-Contact