Nuclear Knowledge Management Wiki Now Live for Public Access and Expert Contributions

The IAEA recently launched the Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM) Wiki for NKM practitioners and professionals to collaborate more effectively, exchange opinions and share experiences on common issues and approaches. Wiki is based on an ontological model, which will allow for professionals to approach the subject of NKM in a more systematic and structured manner. They now have access to contribute to a critical mass of NKM related resource and reference materials, such as, topical articles and descriptions of key concepts, all with referenced sources.

Although there are many sources of information for experts and practitioners working in the area of NKM, some of these sources describe common knowledge management practices while others talk about specific approaches of KM used in the nuclear domain. The challenge NKM specialists are usually facing is that KM resources and reference information are scattered, concepts are not always applicable as described in theory and it is hard to find a colleague who is working on similar problems in a similar environment. The new Wiki is meant to address these challenges.

The IAEA NKM Wiki initiative passed through several stages, from idea to structure development, and now it is in the phase of content growth. During the last consultancy meeting in March 2016, more consistent articles were added to the Wiki and the site was made more user friendly. The Wiki site is still growing both in community and content.

If you are looking for solutions or have learned some lessons and are willing to share them with the community which is doing the same as you – assuring that knowledge required for the safe, efficient and effective operation of nuclear organizations is in the right place and at the right time – please join us! The NKM Wiki is now open for all to see and for registered members to comment. If you are an NKM practitioner or specialist and would like to become a registered member of the NKM wiki community, please contact us at: