Knowledge Management Self-Assessment Tools

The IAEA has developed a self-assessment methodology which is intended to provide participants, including senior management, with a tool to help identify strengths and development areas in the organisation’s overall KM strategy. Individual criteria have been identified that are considered as key elements towards an effective approach to KM. These criteria have been grouped into seven organizational or functional categories, to facilitate the self-assessment, via:

  1. Policy/Strategy
  2. Human Resource (HR) Planning and HR Processes
  3. Training and Human Performance Improvement
  4. Methods, Procedures & Documentation Processes for Improving KM
  5. Technical (IT) Solutions
  6. Approaches to Capture/Use Tacit Knowledge
  7. KM culture/Workforce Culture Supporting KM

A self-assessment questionnaire has been developed based on the above seven categories. A Microsoft Excel based tool is also available that is used to facilitate the self-assessment process. The tool uses radar/spider diagrams for each of the seven functional categories and at an executive summary level to give management a graphical depiction of current KM strengths and future development areas. An example of the output is given below:

Self-assessment can be used independently by a nuclear operating organization for an internal review, as a prerequisite for a KM assist mission or during a KM assist mission. These criteria are not so much intended to provide a “report card” as they are to assist managers in identifying strengths to build upon and areas for improvement to be addressed in the knowledge management area.

Target Organization/Institution

There has been several Knowledge Management self-assessment models tailored towards needs of different nuclear organizations. There are ready methodologies which provide Nuclear Power Plants (NPP), nuclear R&D organizations and Universities, in particular to their senior management, with the status of their current KM efforts compared with what should be in place. The self-assessment tool for Nuclear Regulatory Bodies is under development.

How to Request

Usually an integrated KM self-assessment tool that has been developed is being applied as part of the IAEA framework for Knowledge Management Assist Visit missions. However the tool can be requested directly for self-use as well requested by contacting the IAEA NKM Section.

For more information please contact the Scientific Secretary V. Kolomiiets at: NKM-Contact