NKM Case Studies Catalogue

Over the past several years, many nuclear organizations in IAEA Member States have accumulated considerable experiences and achievements in the development and application of Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM) methodology and tools to improve their organizational performance.

The IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management Section (NKM) has launched the NKM Case Studies Catalogue (NKM CS Catalogue) to encourage sharing among NKM practitioners and experts through capturing NKM experience and preservation of information of relevant practical knowledge in "Case Study" input template format, collected from various nuclear organizations.

A case study is a documented summary of events or experiences in a given domain with the express purpose of providing a basis for exchanging feedback and lessons learned with individuals or organisations who share similar business, organisational or technical objectives.

An NKM case study describes the implementation of KM related methods, tools, techniques or approaches within the nuclear domain.

The Catalogue is to be made available to organizations in IAEA Member States interested in learning about nuclear knowledge management practices, enabling them to enhance their knowledge management programmes. This collection of practices will also be used in nuclear knowledge management education, as well as for development of knowledge management methodologies and tools.

The overall objective of the NKM CS Catalogue is to capture, preserve, and make available the NKM case studies originating from credible sources to the nuclear industry community through a single access point and facilitate information exchange and collaboration.

To access the Catalogue please register at the “IAEA Connect” platform via: http://connect.iaea.org/ 
Please find the NKM Network and click on "Not a member?", then follow the instruction to register in the Network.


For more information please contact the Scientific Secretary T.Atieh at: NKM-Contact