June, 2010

"In developing peaceful uses of nuclear technology we have to watch that nuclear knowledge management is very robust and strong from the very beginning till the very end. All, involved in nuclear activities have to be forever diligent to sustain the knowledge systems, put into place. Nothing ever works on its own. It always has to be managed. "

Yanev, Yanko Lyubenov
Former Section Head
Nuclear Knowledge Management Section

Knowledge Management Award Ceremony
at Technical University, Austria,
on 24–25 June 2010

During the ten years of its existence, the IAEA’s Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM) programme has been acclaimed worldwide. Now it has been recognized by its host country. On 24 June, the IAEA received Austria’s first knowledge management award ever given to an international organization.

Mr. Andreas Brandner — head of Knowledge Management Austria (KMA) — presented the award on behalf of the Austrian knowledge management community as a tribute to the excellent work the IAEA has been performing in NKM. Mr. Mariano Grossi — Chef de Cabinet of the Office of the Director General — received the award on behalf of Mr. Yukiya Amano, the Director General.

Mr.Yanev presents Mr. Amano, DG
Mr. Yanev is presenting the award to Mr. Amano


“The most important resource in the nuclear field is knowledge. The Nuclear Knowledge Management programme of the IAEA is a success story and has given important contributions to a world where the safe operation and maintenance of all nuclear facilities can be better guaranteed by sharing experience.”

With these words, Mr. Pier Roberto Danesi — former Director of the IAEA multidisciplinary laboratories at Seiberdorf — congratulated Mr. Yanko Yanev and his NKM team in the laudation speech at the presentation ceremony, held at the Technical University of Vienna.

The Column of Knowledge

On the following day, the NKM Unit presented the award to Mr. Amano in his office. The award is a miniature of a sculpture designed by the Tyrolean artist Helmut Margreiter, and depicts the dialogue of established and well-proven knowledge with the innovative pursuit of the unknown, the undefined and the fragile.

The original sculpture — The Column of Knowledge — can be seen at Vienna University of Economics (Wirtschaftsuniversität).

nkm unit
NKM staff members and the DG