International Nuclear Terminology Repository Platform 

The IAEA NKM Section has launched the “International Nuclear Terminology Repository Platform (INTERP)” project which is aimed at providing one single access point to credible nuclear glossaries presenting the multiple definitions of terms, with traceability of the sources and related information. While and at the same time offering a forum for glossary owners to exchange information and discuss concepts. The overall objective, is to eliminate inconsistency in the interpretations of standards and licensing documents, etc. which would assist Member States to ensure safety and the related economic consequence.

Many nuclear glossaries of technical terms, along with their formal definitions, have been produced by Standards Development Organizations, IAEA, and other national and international nuclear organizations. The formal definitions of these technical terms in the different glossaries are not always consistent, but provide multiple/different definitions to many of the terms used in the nuclear field, and sometimes with very different meanings. These technical terms are used in licensing documents, contracts, specifications, design documents .etc. Therefore, significant problems are encountered in interpreting and applying these terms.

For more information please contact the Scientific Secretary T. Atieh at: NKM-Contact