Knowledge Management Workshops

As a field, Knowledge Management (KM) is relatively new. It is an amalgam of concepts which find its reflection also in other disciplines like the artificial intelligence/knowledge-based systems, software engineering, business process reengineering, human resource management, and organizational behaviour fields. KM has been most visibly introduced to the nuclear industry as a response to the aging nuclear industry workforce in Member States, where the generation that designed, commissioned and initially operated these plants has begun to reach retirement age. KM tools for capture and transfer of knowledge from this aging workforce to its younger replacements have been emphasized. While KM has certainly been used successfully for this purpose, KM has a larger, on-going application over the life of an NPP and beyond.

Knowledge Management is defined within the IAEA as an integrated, systematic approach to identifying, acquiring, transforming, developing, disseminating, using, sharing, and preserving knowledge, relevant to achieving specified objectives. Knowledge management consists of three fundamental components: people, processes and technology. Knowledge management focuses on people and organizational culture to stimulate and nurture the sharing and use of knowledge; on processes or methods to find, create, capture and share knowledge; and on technology to store and make knowledge accessible and to allow people to work together without being together. People are the most important component, because managing knowledge depends upon people’s willingness to share and reuse knowledge.

In parallel to developing guidance and methodology on different aspects of nuclear knowledge management, the IAEA is assisting nuclear organizations in its Member States to understand the key concepts of knowledge management and their application in nuclear field. The IAEA NKM Section is organizing Workshops to communicate Knowledge Management Fundamentals and underlying concepts, as well as practical solutions and implementation for nuclear organizations. Depending on the scope formulated in a workshop outline, the content can address either knowledge management in nuclear field in general or can be focussed on specifics of a given type of nuclear organizations.

Target Organization/institution

Nuclear Power Plants, Regulatory Bodies, Technical Support and R&D Organizations, as well as other organizations which are considering knowledge management in their operation or have experience in addressing some of the knowledge management challenges, are invited to participate in the workshops or can request the IAEA to organize a special workshop locally.

How to Request/Participate

Please, submit your application to the NKM event of your interest ( through official IAEA channels. Furthermore a local KM Workshop can be requested directly through the letter addressed to the IAEA DDG for Nuclear Energy or through the official Technical Cooperation communication channel (national liaison officer). The scope of a local KM workshop can be tailored towards specific needs of a hosting country or region. The lead time to request the Workshop is at least 9 month prior to the intended date of conduction.

For more information please contact the Scientific Secretary J. de Grosbois at: NKM-Contact