International Conference on Human Resource Development for Introducing and Expanding Nuclear Power Programmes

14-18 March 2010, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Session 1. Opening Session
1. Mr. Yukiya Amano, IAEA
Director General
 51 Kb
2. Mr. David Torgerson, Canada
Emeritus Senior Technical Advisor Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
 487 Kb
3. Mr. Yury Sokolov, IAEA
Deputy Director General Head of Department of Nuclear Energy
4. HE Ambassador Hamad Al Kaabi, UAE
UAE Permanent Representative to the IAEA and Special Representative for International Nuclear Cooperation
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  Keynote Addresses on Human Resource Development for the Nuclear Renaissance
5. Mr. Rajagopala Chidambaram, India
Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India
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6. Mr. Dale Klein, USA
Commissioner US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
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PANEL DISCUSSION: Role of Cooperating Organizations
Moderator: Mr. David Torgerson
1. Mr. Joseph Safieh, ENEN
2. Mr. Claudio Tuniz, ICTP
3. Mr. Takuya Hattori, JAIF
 847 Kb
4. Ms. Carol Berrigan, NEI
5. Ms. Janice Dunn Lee, OECD-NEA
 94 Kb
6. Mr. Laurent Stricker, WANO
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7. Mr. Adrian Collings, WNA
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SESSION 2: Role of Government
Chair: Mr. Richard Meserve, USA
1. UAE Integrated Approach for Establishing Human Resources for its Nuclear Programme
Mr. A.S. Al Hammadi, UAE
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2. Sustainable Capacity Building for Nuclear Programme - the Finnish Experience
Ms. K. Koskinen, Finland
 242 Kb
3. Human Resources for Development of Nuclear Technology in Malaysia
Mr. N. Muslim, Malaysia
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4. Human Resources and Institutional Capacity Building on a Rapid Expanding Nuclear Programme – The Chinese Experience
Mr. T. Li, China
 108 Kb
5. Nuclear Education in France
Mr. C. Guet, France
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6. International Cooperation on Nuclear Safety and Power – the Korean Experience
Mr. Y-W. Park, Republic of Korea
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7. IAEA Expectations for Government Role in HR for Nuclear Power Expansion or Initiation
Mr. T. Mazour, Ms. R. Spiegelberg Planer, Mr. Y. Yanev, IAEA
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SESSION 3. Role of Educational Institutions
Chair: Ms. Basma Shalaby, Canada
           Mr. Chang-Sun Kang, Republic of Korea
1 Cooperation Between ENEC, KUSTAR and FANR for the UAE Nuclear Power Development
Mr. A. Al Zaabi,UAE
 188 Kb
2. Comprehensive Human Resources Development Program for Nuclear Power at NuTEC/JAEA
Mr. T. Ishimura, Japan
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369 Kb
3. An Innovative Approach to Education and Training for the UK Nuclear Industry Workforce
Mr. J. Roberts, United Kingdom
 2.11 Mb
4. Modernization of Russian Nuclear Education System for the Nuclear Power Program’s Human Resource Development
Mr. V.M. Murogov, Russian Federation
 2.16 Mb
PANEL DISCUSSION: Role of Educational Networks
Moderator: Mr. Yanko Yanev, IAEA
1. Mr. Philip Beeley, ANENT  392 Kb
2. Mr. Joseph Safieh, ENEN  953 Kb
3. Mr. Ali Boussaha, IAEA  531 Kb
4. Ms. Basma Shalaby, UNENE, Canada  180 Kb
5. Mr. Jun Sugimoto, JAEA, Japan  1.15 Mb
6. Mr. J. Huse, UAE  158 Kb
7. Mr. Yanko Yanev, IAEA  818 Kb
SESSION 4. Role of Industry
Chair: Mr. George Felgate, WANO              Mr. Adrian Collings, WNA
1. Nuclear Skills Renewal and Development: EDF Views and Actions
Mr. G. Serviere, France
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2. Korean Experience in Nuclear Human Resource Development
Mr. K-P. Chang, Republic of Korea
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3. Human Resource Development for the Industry in China
Mr. M. Zheng, China
 2.37 Mb
4. An Industry and Educational Organization Partnership to Develop a Standard Curriculum for US Nuclear Power Industry Personnel Training
Mr. K. Hamlin, USA
 1.54 Mb
5. Indian Approach to Human Resources for Nuclear Power Expansion
Mr. R. Mantravadi, India
438 Kb
6. Brazilian Experience on Expanding Nuclear Power
Ms. P. Wieland, Brazil
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SESSION 5. New Strategies for Managing HR
Chair: Mr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, UAE             Ms. Carol Berrigan, USA
1. UAE: Lessons Learned in the Last 18 Months
Mr. S. Al Dhaheri, UAE
 930 Kb
2. Coordination of University, Vocational School, High School and Industry: Education and Training for Nuclear Power
Mr. K.L. Peddicord, USA
 2.04 Mb
3. Nuclear Sociology: A Unique Experience for Human Resource Development
Mr. J-S. Choi, Japan
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4. WANO's Role in Nuclear Power Programmes
Mr. G. Felgate, WANO
 117 Kb
5. Developing World Class Leader-Managers for the Evolving Nuclear Industry
Mr. A. Konetzni, USA
 266 Kb
6. Developing Organizations and Building Leaders for the Nuclear Renaissance
Mr. I. McGinty
Mr. L. Rusen, Canada
 2.08 Mb
7. The Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Institute: A Partnership for Human Resource Development
Mr. A. Mohagheghi, Mr. D. Boyle, USA
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SESSION 6. The Knowledge Transfer Challenge
Chair: Mr. Jose Lolich, Argentina             Mr. Victor Murogov, Russian Federation
1. Areva: Transfer of Knowledge to the New Workforce
Mr. J-C. Gauthier, France
 778 Kb
2. Research and Development and Knowledge Transfer: The EU Perspective
Mr. G. van Goethem, European Union
 1.48 Mb
3. Knowledge Transfer via Remote Learning: The Jordanian Case
Mr. A. Hawari, Jordan
 595 Kb
4. Change Management and Human Factor - Nuclear Knowledge Management, SAP Nuclear Project
Ms. L. Bohunická, Slovak Republic
 463 Kb
5. UAE: A Coordinated Approach to Nuclear Knowledge Transfer
Mr. P. Beeley, UAE
 1.09 Mb
PANEL DISCUSSION: Role of IAEA in Knowledge Transfer
“Agency Priorities in Addressing the Knowledge Transfer Challenge Through Education, Training and Capacity Building”
Moderator: Mr. Alan Waltar, USA
1. Mr. A. Boussaha, Mr. T. Mazour, Ms. R. Spiegelberg Planer, Mr. J. Wheatley,
Mr. Y. Yanev, IAEA
 2.36 Mb
2. Mr. Jose Lolich, Argentina  927 Kb
3. Mr. Victor Murogov, Russian Federation  724 Kb
SESSION 7. Making the Nuclear Field Attractive to the Next Generation
Chair: Mr. Igor Vukovic, Croatia             Ms. Leah Spradley, USA
1. Young Generation Perspective on the Nuclear Power Industry
Mr. I. Vukovic, Croatia
 686 Kb
2. Young Generation Perspective on the Nuclear Power Industry
Ms. L. Spradley, USA
 646 Kb
3. Nuclear Power and the New Generation – an Attractive Profession?
Mr. R. Skoda, Czech Republic
 953 Kb
4. Promoting Interest in Science, Engineering and Nuclear Power in Slovenia
Mr. I. Jencic
Ms. M. Lenosek, Slovenia
 1.48 Mb
5. Marketing and Information Systems for the New Generation
Ms. A. Yakovleva, Russian Federation
 4.14 Mb
PANEL DISCUSSION: Improving Representation of Women in the Nuclear Power Industry
Moderator: Ms. Monira Al Kuttab, UAE
1. Ms. Patricia Wieland, Brazil  3.84 Mb
2. Ms. Corinne Quibel, France  367 Kb
3. Ms. Se-Moon Park, Republic of Korea 1.95 Mb
4. Mr. Ane Håkansson, Sweden  3.19 Mb
5. Mr. C. Russell Clark, UAE  79 Mb
Global Survey to Quantify HR Needs of the Nuclear Industry
Moderator: Mr. Thomas Mazour, IAEA
1. Mr. Thomas Mazour, IAEA  195 Kb
2. Ms. Jody Hudson, USA  821 Kb
3. Ms. Rejane Spiegelberg Planer, IAEA  193 Kb
4. Mr. Yanko Yanev, IAEA  660 Kb
5. Ms. Carol Berrigan, NEI  380 Kb
6. Mr. Thomas Mazour, IAEA  112 Kb
Closing Remarks by Conference President and IAEA Representative
1. Mr. Yury Sokolov, IAEA 890 Kb
2. Mr. David Torgerson, Canada  266 Kb