Nuclear Knowledge Management

Inter-regional Knowledge Management Workshop on Life-cycle Management of Design Basis Information – Issues, Challenges, Approaches

28 October -1 November 2013, Vienna, Austria

This Workshop will have a strategic focus on identifying and clarifying long-term issues and objectives related to our collective responsibilities to ensure that both existing nuclear facilities and future new build projects properly address life-cycle management of plant design basis knowledge (i.e. from design to decommissioning). The workshop will attempt to bring together key stakeholders and build a better collective understanding, recognizing that very different perspectives exist and there are a wide range of national contexts and approaches. The various issues and challenges related to this topic and facing the nuclear energy sector both today and in the long-term will be discussed in a senior management context and at strategic level.

Working Documents

Session 1: Various forms of design basis knowledge and effects of its loss on plant safety

Objectives and Outcomes John de Grosbois, NKM IAEA
Industry Views on Design Change Management Barry Kaufer, CORDEL
DBK and effects of its loss on safety Georges Serviere, EDF
Experiences in preserving design bases & knowledge management Thomas Koshy, NENP IAEA
Design Basis Provisions for New and Existing Nuclear Power Plants in India R. S. Soni, India

Session 2: Threats to and degradation mechanisms of design basis knowledge. Specific challenges faced by new build projects or ageing plants

DBKM for New Build Projects and Ageing Plant Michael Weightman, UK
RWM in the Design Basis Knowledge Management Tatiana Rakitskaya, Russia
Design basis knowledge management for the newcomer countries Benoît Lepouze, NENP IAEA
NPP Design Basis Handover and Knowledge Preservation from Subcontractors Kent Freeland, USA

Session 3: Responsibility for design basis knowledge, design authority, design control, feedback from operations and maintenance

Challenges and opportunities in managing design basis knowledge John G Waddington, Canada
Building Sustainable Knowledge Systems Peter J. Gowin, Germany
DBKM for plant modifications Andrii Goroshanskyi, Ukraine
European Utility Requirements for LWR nuclear power plants Georges Servière, France
Complex engineering objects construction using Multi-D innovative technology Aleksei Agafonov, Russia
DBKM Issues, Challenges, Approaches Radek Sula, Czech Republic

Session 4: Relevant topics (periodic safety review, standardized designs, design certification, harmonization of new build requirements, design peer reviews, learning from other industries

International Peer Reviews of Design Basis Peter John Hughes, NSNI IAEA
DBKM for new build harmonization, standardization, certification Akira, Omoto, Japan
Configuration Management Issues at Research Reactors Charles Morris, RRS IAEA
Assessing and Managing Knowledge Loss Risk Fred Dermarkar, Canada

Session 5: Approaches for maintaining design basis knowledge. Regulatory body, utility, and vendor perspectives

Design Basis for PLiM Programme Ki-Sig Kang, NENP IAEA
Competency management model as part of DBKM Sergio Gardelliano, Italy
DBKM issues in Small and Medium-sized Reactor Technology Development Hadid Subki, NENP IAEA
Systems and Applications for Nuclear Knowledge Management Haris Mohd Fauzi, Malasia