Cyber Learning Platform for Network Education and Training (CLP4NET)


Cyber Learning Platform for Network Education and Training (CLP4NET) is an online platform that allows users to find educational resources easily and contains a learning environment to support instructor-led courses and disseminate e-learning self-study resources to a wider audience. The use of the platform is provided as a cost-free service to all of the IAEA and its cooperation partners.

CLP4NET sub-systems

IAEA’s CLP4NET consists of 4 main components:

  • Landing page – is the home page of CLP4NET that aims to ease navigation between its elements, as well as redirect to regional and local installations of CLP4NET
  • Protected Learning Management System – was developed to support and enhance instructor-led training courses for closed groups of students with online learning management features
  • Open Learning Management System – was designed to provide e-learning self-study materials for to a wider audience
  • limited dissemination possibilities
  • Integrated Database of Education and Training - was created to help users find educational resources and opportunities easily, based on users’ needs and preferences

CLP4NET aims to facilitate sustainable education mainly in the nuclear sector by empowering web-based development and dissemination of e-learning resources and courses, in a way that is cost-effective, scalable and easy to use.


Information technology improved considerably during the past few decades and it can be used to maximize in the value that the Member States get out of the large body of knowledge and expertise that IAEA and its cooperation partners possess. This is especially important in a time when capacity building and knowledge sharing are more important for the sector than ever. Hence, CLP4NET aims to utilize state-of-the art IT (moodle learning management system) to help Member States ensure high standards of nuclear education and training.


In 2002, the IAEA General Conference adopted a resolution on Nuclear Knowledge Management, and it has been reiterated in subsequent years. Among other things, the IAEA secretariat was urged facilitate sustainable education in nuclear science and technology to achieve its objective in promoting peace, health and prosperity throughout the world.


The CLP4NET was originally developed at the IAEA in Vienna with the intent of supporting the regional networks in nuclear education. Subsequently, organizations in other Member States including Korea, Argentina and Ghana, installed similar configurations with the intent of hosting similar “hubs” of the CLP4NET for their regions. In summary, local versions of the system were installed by the following host institutions who volunteered to maintain servers as “regional hubs” in order to promote and foster e-learning capabilities and knowledge management in the nuclear sector in their region:

  • Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), South Korea (in 2011), to support the Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (ANENT),
  • University of Ghana, School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences (SNAS), Ghana (in 2012), to support the AFRA Network for Education in Nuclear Science and Technology (AFRA-NEST) and
  • National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina (CNEA), Argentina (in 2012), supporting the Latin-American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (LANENT).

You can access these hubs through the Landing page.