INLN Updates 2012

The Nuclear Library Network of Argentina joins the INLN

3rd INLN Meeting

As of December 2012, the Nuclear Library Network of Argentina is part of the International Nuclear Library Network. Five more nuclear libraries have been added to the INLN, bringing the total number of participants to forty two: Biblioteca "Leo Falcov", Departamento Asistencia Técnica Córdoba, Centro Documentación “Isabel González”,  Centro Documentación de Información Biblioteca “Eduardo J. Savino”, Servicio de Documentación e Información Legal (SDelL). More information on the Argentinian Nuclear Library Network can be obtained, in Spanish, here. Contact details of each Library are also available.

3rd INLN members meeting

3rd INLN Meeting

Participants from 23 countries attended the 3rd International Nuclear Library Network Members Meeting in Vienna, Austria, on October 5th, 2012. Recent activities were reviewed and suggestions on future actions were put forward. The members agreed to take up a number of recommendations that will enhance the collaboration between the IAEA Library and the INLN members, as well as among INLN members themselves. Minutes of the Meeting can be downloaded here. List of participants is also available. Comments and suggestions are welcome.  

New Zealand joins the INLN

New Zealand joins the INLN

As of April 2012, the Library of the Institute of Environmental Science and Research – National Radiation Laboratory is officially the 37th member of the International Nuclear Library Network. Currently, nuclear libraries from 28 countries are forming this vibrant coalition and contribute to this global nuclear information and knowledge management. Visit our new member’s website.

Information exchange in 2011 soars

Requests for Information (RfIs) among INLN members have more than doubled in 2011, an increase of 125% compared to 2010. The Document Delivery service remained the major attraction of the Network, representing the largest share of requests.

Requests Graph

Research support service and requests for Interlibrary Loan were also raised, while the newly introduced service of providing guidance on nuclear information and knowledge management via telephone or Skype, represented already 7% of service requests. 
Read more about the INLN achievements in 2011. 

Indonesia enters the INLN

NERA - Indonesia

As of February 1st, 2012, the Library of the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency of Indonesia is the 36th member of the International Nuclear Library Network. Scientific libraries from 27 countries have joined efforts to facilitate further nuclear information exchange, fostering partnerships among nuclear information professionals on a global scale.

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