Membership information

INLN Membership ProcedureMembership in the International Nuclear Library Network (INLN) is open to IAEA Member States and UN organizations. Interested research institutes and other international, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations may also join with the agreement of the INLN Members.

To apply for INLN membership, an official request is to be made by the appropriate library to the IAEA Library, which is the Network Coordinating Library (NCL). If the requesting library is located in an IAEA Member State or belongs to an UN organization, the NCL will make proper modifications to the INLN website and inform other participants about a new member.

For other interested libraries, the NCL will seek approval from all other member libraries. The NCL will inform other member libraries about the application and the result of the approval process, and will update the INLN website if necessary.

Each INLN Member shall have the same rights and responsibilities.

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