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Slovenia Informs IAEA of Reactor Shut-down, But Says No Radiation Was Released to Environment


The Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration (SNSA) today informed the IAEA´s Incident & Emergency Centre (IEC) about an "unusual event" at the country´s Krsko Nuclear Power Plant, but said there was no radiation release to the environment. An "unusual event" is the lowest level of emergency out of four levels as defined by the SNSA. According to the SNSA information that came to the IAEA´s IEC at 16:20 UTC (18:20 CET), plant operators have detected a loss in the reactor´s cooling system at 13:07 UTC and decided to manually shut it down. SNSA said that the loss of coolant was detected in time and no radiation was released to the environment and there was no off-site impact. SNSA later told the IAEA that the reactor shut-down process was completed at 19:30 UTC. Upon request by SNSA, the IEC informed the neighbouring countries Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. The IAEA IEC will continue to follow the situation.

Last update: 16 Feb 2018

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