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IAEA Launches a Pictorial History Book of "Atoms for Peace"

To commemorate its first 50 years, the International Atomic Energy Agency is today launching a photographic history of the organization and its work. A large volume, elegantly produced, it offers an overview of the Agency that is both attractive and educational. The book explores in pictures the balance between the IAEA´s work as a nuclear watchdog and rigorous advocate for safety and security and its mission in helping developing countries use advanced science for humanitarian benefit. Issued at a time of unprecedented international interest in the Agency, it addresses the fundamental concepts that underlie the work of the IAEA and its "Atoms for Peace" mission. It also describes the historical evolution of the IAEA, illustrating the successes and challenges that have shaped the organization over the past half century. Notable milestones covered include US President Eisenhower´s Atoms for Peace speech, the establishment of safeguards regimes, the international response to the Chernobyl accident and the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. Ongoing efforts, in fields ranging from sustainable energy production to human health and agricultural productivity, further detail the diversity and complexity of the IAEA´s contribution - as IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei explains in the foreword - to "the betterment of the human family." »» (196 pp.; 850 figs; 2007) »» ISBN 978-92-0-103807-4 »» €50.00 To look at selected pages from the book, please visit: A Pictorial History of "Atoms for Peace" and click on the link to sample pages. To order the book or request more information, please contact: Sales and Promotion Unit F0855, Publishing Section International Atomic Energy Agency P.O. Box 100 A 1400 Vienna, Austria Tel.: [43-1] 2600-22529/22530 Fax: 43-1] 2600-29302 E-mail:


Last update: 26 July 2017