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at the Vienna International Centre (VIC)

The IAEA will host the commemoration of a landmark achievement in fusion energy research. Under IAEA auspices, several hundred scientists and engineers from Europe, Japan, Russia, and the USA participated in the design of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), a device which will be capable of generating 500 MW of fusion power for hundreds of seconds. The commemoration marks the completion of the Engineering Design Activity (1992-2001). If successful, ITER could lead to the construction of a demonstration fusion power plant that generates large amounts of electricity.

At the briefing, Dr. M. Yoshikawa, Chairman of the ITER Management Advisory Committee will speak on the role of fusion energy in the future. Academician E.P. Velikhov, Chairman of the ITER Council, will speak about the history of the ITER project and ITER Director Dr. R. Aymar will talk about ITER objectives and parameters. A panel discussion and question and answer session will follow.

Those interested in attending the briefing should fill out the short registration form and return it by e-mail or fax to Ms. Catina Negrete, IAEA, Physics Section, e-mail:, phone: (+43-1) 2600-21754, fax: (+43-1) 26007. Please register as soon as possible but latest on Monday, 16 July 2001, 12:00. A passport or identification card is required to enter the VIC. If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Thomas J. Dolan, Head, IAEA, Physics Section, e-mail:, phone: +43 1 2600 21756


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