Press Releases

21 October 2016 - 2016/40

IAEA Mission Says Hungary's Paks Nuclear Power Plant has strengthened safety, recommends continued improvement

An IAEA team of experts said Hungary’s Paks Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) has improved operational safety by following recommendations and suggestions made in a 2014 IAEA review but noted that further work is needed.

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18 October 2016 - 2016/39

IAEA Reviews Malaysia’s Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development

An IAEA team of experts has concluded an eight-day mission to Malaysia to review the country’s infrastructure development for a nuclear power programme.

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14 October 2016 - 2016/38

IAEA Completes Nuclear Security Review Mission in Sweden

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts today completed a follow-up mission to review national nuclear security practices in Sweden.

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14 October 2016 - 2016/37

IAEA Mission Says Belarus Committed to Nuclear Safety; Further Regulatory Strengthening Needed Ahead of Reactor Start

An IAEA team of safety experts said Belarus should complete ongoing work to ensure effective regulatory oversight of its first nuclear power plant when it starts operating later this decade.

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12 October 2016 - 2016/36

IAEA Training Addresses Devastating Coffee Disease

Coffee, one of the world’s most-traded commodities, is increasingly threatened by a disease known as coffee leaf rust. Experts from Central America, the region most affected, are gathering at the IAEA this week to learn how to apply nuclear science and technology to breed plants that are resistant to the deadly fungus.

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6 October 2016 - 2016/35

IAEA Mission Says Canada's Pickering Nuclear Plant Has Strengthened Safety, Sees Scope for Further Improvement

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts today said Canada's Pickering Nuclear Power Plant has strengthened safety in recent years but also identified areas where work is needed to further improve the facility's operational safety.

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28 September 2016 - 2016/34

IAEA Database Highlights Global Disparity in Access to Cancer Care

Most radiotherapy facilities in the world are located in high-income countries, and at least 36 nations do not have any such equipment to treat cancer. These are some conclusions drawn from data in the revamped Directory of Radiotherapy Centres (DIRAC), launched today at on the margins of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference.

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28 September 2016 - 2016/33

IAEA Team Concludes Review of Indonesia’s Emergency and Response Framework

An International Atomic Energy Agency team of experts today concluded a 10-day mission to review Indonesia’s arrangements for nuclear and radiological Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR).

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27 September 2016 - 2016/32

IAEA Reports Highlight Nuclear Power’s Role in Achieving Global Climate and Sustainable Development Goals

Nuclear power can significantly contribute to two of the world’s most pressing priorities—combating climate change and ensuring sustainable development—according to two IAEA reports published today.

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23 September 2016 - 2016/31

IAEA Sees Global Nuclear Power Capacity Growing Through 2030

Nuclear power is projected to continue expanding globally in the coming years, even as the pace of growth slows amid competition from low fossil fuel prices and renewable energy sources, according to an IAEA study released today.

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