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Technical Cooperation Annual Meeting Convenes

The Technical Cooperation Programme helps transfer nuclear technologies for peaceful uses to countries throughout the world, addressing issues like food security, water contamination and cancer. (Photo: V. Schoehl/IAEA)

The annual meeting of the IAEA´s Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee (TACC) is convening today at the IAEA Boardroom, Vienna International Centre. TACC will be considering the Technical Cooperation projects for the 2009-2011 programme cycle, as well as the budget for 2009. The Committee will then make recommendations concerning the programme and budget to the Board of Governors.

Of the US $253 million proposed for 2009-2011, more than $200 million is intended to finance 551 new projects. The funds will cover national projects in approximately 115 countries and territories. A further 78 projects which are to be funded by extra-budgetary contributions will also be considered.

In previous years, TACC would approve projects for a 2 year cycle. However, this unique 3 year cycle (2009-2011) will give Member States the opportunity to place greater emphasis on project quality and implementation.

In the past, most Technical Cooperation projects have focused on food and agriculture, human capacity development, human health, nuclear safety as well as radioisotope production and radiation technology.

For the 2009-2011 cycle, human health remains the single largest area of concentration. This programme cycle also reflects an increased emphasis on food and agriculture. A growing area of continued interest concerns projects relating to energy assessment and the use of nuclear power for electricity generation.

Developed jointly by the Secretariat and the Member States, the IAEA´s Technical Cooperation Programme helps transfer nuclear and related technologies for peaceful uses to countries throughout the world.

The TACC meeting will be followed by the IAEA Board of Governors due to start on Thursday, 27 November 2008.

IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei will open the meeting of the 35-nation Board of Governors with an introductory statement.

Last update: 24 Nov 2017


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