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Seminar on Complex Issues in Transport of Radioactive Materials

The safety of transporting radioactive material is guided by IAEA standards, codes, and guides.

In January 2006, the IAEA is convening a seminar on complex technical issues in the transport of radioactive materials. The seminar is being held at IAEA headquarters 11-12 January, with expected participation by more than 100 policymakers and advisers worldwide.

The seminar will review the latest information with the aim of fostering a better understanding of the transport of radioactive material, and providing information on new developments in concepts, knowledge, and technologies that potentially lead to changes in transport systems.

Topics on the agenda include transport regulation, testing of spent fuel casks, IAEA-supported research, and emergency preparedness and response. The meeting is organized as part of the IAEA Action Plan for the Safety of Transport of Radioactive Material.

For further information and the IAEA Action Plan, please see Story Resources.

Last update: 27 July 2017