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Russia's President Putin Strongly Backs IAEA

IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei and Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Credit: Kremlin Presidential Press Service)

Meeting in Moscow with IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei 29 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin lauded the Agency's work in expressing his country's continuing and full support.

"The IAEA has become a very prestigious, powerful organization, which fulfills a very important function and has enormous authority," President Putin said. "We in Russia, like with many of our colleagues around the world, note that the activity of the IAEA is professional in the direct sense of this word and lacking any political bias, which in my view is extremely important.

We hope that the IAEA will increase its activity. On its part, Russia will do everything it can to support the development of the IAEA."

Dr. ElBaradei said Russia's support is of key importance to the IAEA's work.

"Russia´s support has had key importance for us in all aspects, including the peaceful use of atomic energy and the non-proliferation regime," he said in Moscow.

"Nuclear energy is very important in providing energy to the countries of the world. It is also necessary to ensure that nuclear energy is used safely, and is not used for military purposes. And in all these areas, Russian help has been extremely important. I hope that during my visit to Russia, we will be able to widen our cooperation."

Last update: 27 July 2017