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"One-Stop Access": IAEA Launches Free Nuclear Energy News App

The Nuclear Energy News app was designed and developed by engineers in the IAEA Nuclear Information Section to provide 'one-stop access' to nuclear energy information in an easy-to-use interface for mobile devices. (Photo: D. Calma/IAEA)

Instant access and convenience are the hallmarks of the Internet age.

Today, Twitter allows users to broadcast their thoughts instantly to millions. Facebook connects people with fans and friends with the click of the mouse. LinkedIn helps its members to build their professional identity and to find professional opportunities. And services like YouTube, Flickr and Instagram enable easy sharing of videos and photos across continents and time zones. Now, the IAEA collects news and information from its Department of Nuclear Energy into an easy-to--use application (app) for the iPad, Apple's popular tablet device.

Named NE News, the app allows users to access all the Department's newsletters, brochures and social media channels through a single portal. This includes the authoritative "Nuclear Energy Series" of technical publications, whose guidance covers a wealth of topics, ranging from introducing nuclear power to decommissioning.

Furthermore, NE News provides access to the International Nuclear Information System (INIS), a publicly accessible digital library of over 3.6 million academic and technical publications and documents on peaceful usage of nuclear energy. Using this mobile app, users can search through international agreements, publications, as well as the latest news on nuclear technology.

The new, free-to-use iPad app was designed and developed by developers in the Department's Nuclear Information Section, with the full support of Mr. Alexander Bychkov, Department of Nuclear Energy's Deputy Director General.

"Our aim is to provide a unique portable access point to the wide range of information available within the IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy," explains Nuclear Energy Group Leader, Domenico Pistillo.

"The app will greatly enhance the Department's interaction with its stakeholders, researchers and students in the field of Nuclear Energy," added Riccardo Rubini, the developer behind the app.

More than Just a Portal

While NE News is designed to provide one-stop-access to nuclear energy information, it can also help promote a two-way conversation. NE News users can easily plug into the IAEA's social media channels, including its main Twitter account, in addition to the Twitter feed of the Department of Nuclear Energy and several other sections. NE News is freely available to the general public and can now be downloaded via the Apple App Store. Once installed, IAEA Member States, NGOs, students and researchers can immediately benefit from the information offered by the application.

"In the near future, we also plan to release this application to devices using the Android operating system," notes Mr. Rubini, "This will help increase the reach and audience for the NE News app."

So whether you're a newcomer to the world of nuclear energy or a specialist in the discipline, NE News will quickly connect you to the latest developments in the peaceful uses of nuclear technologies.

Last update: 27 July 2017