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Nuclear Fuel Cycle Directory

Finding information about nuclear facilities has become easier, through the IAEA's latest international directory on facilities related to the nuclear fuel cycle. The directory covers more than 600 civilian facilities in over 50 countries.

The directory's latest Internet edition features improved search tools and more informative presentation of results by country, region, facility type and other characteristics. Facilities include reprocessing plants, fuel fabrication plants, uranium facilities, and storage sites for spent nuclear fuel. An additional feature is access to videos and films showing activities of the nuclear fuel cycle. Broadly speaking, the nuclear fuel cycle is a set of processes and operations to manufacture nuclear fuels, to irradiate them in nuclear reactors, and to treat and store them, temporarily or permanently, after their use.

The directory is a product of the IAEA's Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information System (NFCIS), first developed in 1980. The database collects information as reported to the IAEA by its 130 Member States.

Last update: 27 July 2017