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Nuclear Education Conference Opens in Hungary

The Budapest conference will feature representation by all major stakeholders in nuclear education and training. Technicians are shown above completing a nuclear training exercise. (Photo: F. Chalfant)

Nuclear scientists, educators and experts from over thirty countries are expected to take part in a conference on nuclear education and training in engineering science and technology. The Nuclear Engineering Science and Technology - Education and Training Conference (NESTet 2008), scheduled to run from 4-8 May in Budapest, Hungary, was coordinated by the European Nuclear Society (ENS) with cooperation from the IAEA and other nuclear education and industry experts.

The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for discussion and sharing of best practices among participating organizations and professionals. As large swathes of skilled nuclear industry professionals are expected to retire in the coming years, a renewed sense of urgency to maintain nuclear knowledge has risen to meet the expected demand for highly-skilled nuclear workers and educators.

Presentations by several of the participants will cut across a broad range of nuclear-related education and training issues, including training programmes for industry, use of nuclear facilities for training, general science education trends and a session on radiation protection.

The IAEA has organized a special session on nuclear knowledge management, focusing on the role of education and training in sustaining nuclear information and learning. Yanko Yanev, Head of the IAEA´s Nuclear Knowledge Management Unit, is slated to deliver a keynote presentation on managing nuclear knowledge.

NESTet organizers noted that 150 participants, representing all major stakeholders in nuclear education and training, have registered for the conference.

Last update: 27 July 2017