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The Netherworld of Non-Proliferation

A cover story published in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine takes an in depth look at the IAEA's role as the world's nuclear inspectorate. The report, The Netherworld of Nonproliferation, focuses on the work of the IAEA's safeguards department and the challenges the Agency confronts in verifying that nuclear material and activities are not being used for military purposes.

The article tracks the IAEA’s inspection work in Iraq and North Korea, with a focus on the verification of Iran’s nuclear programme and its history. The report includes interviews with IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei, Olli Heinonen, who heads IAEA safeguards in for the Middle East and much of Asia and, Jacques Baute, head of the Iraq Nuclear Verification Office (INVO). The IAEA inspects nuclear and related facilities under safeguards agreements with more than 140 States.

Read the New York Times Magazine article. (Link requires registration, which is free.)

Last update: 26 July 2017