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Meeting on Nuclear Education to Convene This Week

Nuclear Knowledge Management Head Yanko Yanev addressed a National Coordinators meeting in Goa, India last month. (Photo: IAEA)

A meeting to discuss the issues facing nuclear higher education will begin today at IAEA Headquarters in Vienna.

The meeting on the Role of Universities in Preserving and Managing Nuclear Knowledge convenes senior-level experts on nuclear higher education over five days. Topics on the agenda include a discussion on the status and issues facing nuclear education in Member States, planning for the creation of an IAEA publication on best practices in nuclear higher education, and drafting of recommendations regarding academic aspects of the World Nuclear University (WNU).

With many of the IAEA´s Member States calling for expansion of their country´s nuclear programmes, there is concern over the human resources available to design and manage future nuclear projects. The Agency has taken note of such concerns and has instituted the Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM) section, which works to manage, preserve and support nuclear education and training programmes. NKM also hosts conferences, seminars and workshops encouraging and advising Member States on how to invest in education, learning and information management.

"Sourcing talented human resources is and will continue to be a bottleneck for any future development in the nuclear energy field," said Yanko Yanev, IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management Head and chair of this week´s meeting. "As demonstrated by meetings such as these, our focus on education and training continues to form the cradle of innovation and development for the next generation of nuclear professionals."


The IAEA initiated the formation of the WNU in 2003 (in conjunction with other supporters) and also provides support for the Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology and the European Nuclear Education Network, among other national and regional initiatives.

Last update: 27 July 2017