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IAEA Board Meetings

The reappointment of IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei is among items on the provisional agenda of the IAEA Board of Governors at its March 2001 meetings, which begin Monday, 19 March, at IAEA headquarters. Dr. ElBaradei's present 4-year term of office began 1 December 1997. The Board's recommendation would go to the IAEA General Conference for approval in September.

Other items before the Board include those related to nuclear, radiation, and waste safety; nuclear science, technology and applications; and nuclear verification and security of material. Documents submitted to the Board include the the IAEA's annual Nuclear Safety Review and Nuclear Technology Review; a report on major findings of the international conference in Buenos Aires on safety and security of radiation sources; and a report on the use of isotope hydrology for water resources management.

At its meetings in December 2000, the IAEA Board approved the Agency's technical cooperation programme for 2001-02. Projects in the areas of radiation safety, nuclear safety, and radioactive waste safety together account for nearly 21% of the programme; projects related to human health and to food and agriculture development also account for significant shares.

Regarding the Agency's safeguards activities, the Board in December approved two further Additional Protocols, with Andorra and with Latvia. Since the Model Protocol was adopted in May 1997, the Board has approved a total of 57 Additional Protocols with States.

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