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IAEA Advises Paraguay on Strengthening Regulatory Infrastructure


Opening remarks delivered by the Executive Secretary of the Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Authority César José Cardozo Román and the IAEA staff. (Paraguay)

An IAEA advisory mission to Paraguay noted that the country has improved its radiation safety framework and advised that it continue work to strengthen the framework.

From 6 to 10 August, a six-member team reviewed Paraguay’s legal and regulatory infrastructure for radiation safety and nuclear security for all facilities and activities using radiation. The mission was conducted at the request of Paraguay’s authorities.

The team, comprising IAEA,  Argentinian and French experts, found that the law and regulations are generally in compliance with the IAEA safety standards and the nuclear security guidance.

“Paraguay has made significant progress by strengthening its legal and regulatory framework and by the establishment in 2016 of an independent regulatory authority,” said Ahmad Al Khatibeh, an IAEA Advisor who led the mission. “We advised authorities to continue this work to sustain the country’s commitment to nuclear safety and security.”

In particular, the team advised that the national nuclear safety law be complemented by a national strategy for radiation safety and nuclear security.

The team found that Paraguay’s regulatory body is effective and independent. It coordinates among authorities responsible for radiation safety and nuclear security and establishes regulations and guides for the different practices available.  

The team visited a cancer institute, a linear accelerator, a cyclotron and a temporary storage site for waste. It advised the country to ensure that all the facilities and activities are authorized by the regulatory authority.

The mission included meetings with senior officials including Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni, Foreign Affairs Vice Minister Federico A. Gonzales and Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Authority Executive Secretary César José Cardozo Román.

The mission was implemented as part of an IAEA Regulatory Infrastructure Development Project for Latin America and the Caribbean.


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