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IAEA Promotes Female Involvement in the Workforce

(Photo: D. Simittchieva/IAEA)

A workplace without enough women is missing out on 50% of the finest minds on the planet.

So to encourage more young women to pursue careers in the sciences later in life and become interested in the work of the Agency, the IAEA hosted Take Your Daughter to Work Day on 25 April 2013.

Dozens of young women toured areas where the public does not normally have access - like the Safeguards Imagery and Nuclear Security Laboratories.

Head of the Department of Management and the IAEA's only female Deputy Director General, Janice Dunn Lee, addressed the girls and their parents during the day-long programme.

She extolled the virtues of having mentors and advisors, the importance of team sports, which "teach you how to win, but more importantly how to lose," as well as the importance of a science background. "Study math, science and engineering, if you have the interest. Even if you don't do anything directly in those disciplines, having that knowledge will open up many more doors," she said.

Dunn Lee also encouraged attendees to pursue careers as a route to financial independence, stability and security.

Last update: 27 July 2017