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Commission and IAEA Mark 30-Year Nuclear Safeguards Co-operation

Thomas Fanghaenel, Director of the Institute for Transuranium Elements (left) and IAEA Deputy Director General Herman Nackaerts celebrated 30 years of collaboration between the IAEA and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre at the IAEA's headquarters in Vienna, 13 October 2011.

In an event at the IAEA's Vienna headquarters held on 13 October 2011, 100 officials from about 45 nations commemorated the work of the EC's Joint Research Centre (JRC), which has provided scientific and technical support to the work of IAEA since 1981, with over 100 scientists and technicians working on more than 25 projects.

"The JRC has a proven track record in providing the Agency with high-quality training programmes, helping our inspectors to handle more complex information and data, and ensuring that they are well-equipped to accomplish their on-site tasks," said IAEA Deputy Director for Safeguards Herman Nackaerts, speaking at the event.

The IAEA and the JRC have collaborated on efforts to train IAEA inspectors, improve nuclear particle analysis, and develop IAEA seals, all for use in the agency's verification activities.

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