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Call for Ideas: IAEA Data Visualization Challenge


Interested contributors have until 15 July 2019 to submit a creative and analytical visualization of the role of nuclear power in combatting climate change for the IAEA International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power, to be held in Vienna from 7 to 11 October 2019.

Participants should create and submit a data visualization relevant to one of the six thematic areas of the conference. The major thematic areas of the conference are the following:

  • Advancing energy policies that achieve the climate change goals
  • The increasing contribution of nuclear power in the mitigation of climate change, including synergies with other low carbon power generation sources
  • Development and deployment of advanced nuclear power technologies to increase the use of low carbon energy
  • Shaping the future of the nuclear industry in regulated and deregulated energy markets to address climate change
  • Enhancing international cooperation and partnership in nuclear power deployment
  • Public and non-nuclear stakeholders’ perception of the role of nuclear power in climate change mitigation

With the support and engagement of Member States and various international organizations, the conference seeks to improve understanding of nuclear energy in combatting climate change. The discussion will be guided by defining the current state of play, identifying objectives and necessary timeframes, and creating a plan or strategy for meeting those objectives.

The broad themes will tackle nuclear power’s interim and long term contributions targeting future innovative applications, opportunities to address common challenges, and strategic and cross-cutting issues relating to public perception, regulations, markets, and finance. The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss nuclear power as a low carbon energy source and its role in combatting climate change.

For this competition, data visualization is defined as the visual representation of data that effectively communicates information. The best data visualizations rely on less text and are intuitively designed. Acceptable submission formats include, but are not limited to, interactive data visuals, posters, apps, and videos. Submissions can be interactive, dynamic or static.

Three submissions will be selected for display as part of a special event at the International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power, and the creators will receive financial support to attend the conference in Vienna, Austria. The winning submissions will also be included in the IAEA infographics and data visualization toolkit. The competition is open to participants from all IAEA Member States. Applicants may submit no more than one entry per candidate.

For more details about the competition please click here.

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