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African Leaders Reaffirm Importance of Nuclear Contributions to Development

Techniques and applications of nuclear science and technology are contributing to the world´s sustainable development. (Credit: CNEN)

Leaders in Africa have reaffirmed the important contributions of nuclear energy to the continent´s sustainable development, including nuclear power and technologies that can help countries to meet energy needs and combat poverty.

At the recent 8th Summit of the African Union, the Executive Council of Ministers adopted a range of decisions, including a Decision on "The Contribution of Nuclear Energy to Peace and Sustainable Development in Africa". The Decision notes the January 2007 Declaration in Algiers by African Ministers and officials within the framework of the High-level African Regional Conference on the Contribution of Nuclear Energy to Peace and Sustainable Development. IAEA Director General ElBaradei addressed the Algiers Conference at the time.

Attending the African Union Summit was Mr. Ali Boussaha, Director of the IAEA´s Division for Africa in the Department of Technical Cooperation. The Summit, which concluded in late January in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, focused on the two main themes of science, technology and scientific research for development, and climate change in Africa.

Last update: 27 July 2017