2007 - An IAEA Look Ahead

Information generated with the use of isotope hydrology helps Colombians protect the Morroa aquifer, the prime source of water for local communities. (Morroa, Colombia, March 2005). (Photo: J. Perez-Vargas/IAEA)

A selected preview of IAEA meetings and events for 2007:


  • The IAEA kicks off its 50th anniversary year, looking back at some moments in time since 1957.
  • Global leaders including IAEA Chief ElBaradei meet in Davos at the World Economic Forum.
  • "Polar Lights" - a scientific conference for young nuclear professionals - opens in St. Petersburg, Russia, with the IAEA´s participation.
  • The world´s ITER nuclear fusion project is set for review in Aix en Provence, France.



  • The safe production and use of different naturally occurring radioactive materials takes centre stage at a symposium in Seville, Spain, supported by the IAEA.
  • Starting 5 March in Vienna, the IAEA Board discusses issues related to nuclear safety, safeguards and technology.
  • At the IAEA and elsewhere, the world marks International Women´s Day on 8 March.
  • In late March, Europe marks the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome that set up a unified economic community and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom), which partners with the IAEA on nuclear safeguards. Today nuclear plants supply one-third of the European Union´s electricity.
  • The next session of the Six-Party Talks on North Korea´s nuclear program take place 19 March to hear reports of working groups.



  • Experts from dozens of countries share experience in applying isotope hydrology to manage their water resources.
  • In Germany, developments are highlighted influencing the production and use of radiopharmaceuticals.



  • The 2007 World Nuclear University (WNU) Summer Institute starts 14 July, hosted by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company.
  • On 29 July, the IAEA officially marks 50 years of international service.




  • How long can nuclear plants safely generate electricity? Experts examine issues.



  • India hosts a global conference on water issues from environmental and energy perspectives.

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Last update: 24 February 2015