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Safeguards Surveillance Laboratory

Producer: Louise Potterton, Video Editor: Petr Pavlicek

DATELINE: Vienna, Austria, November 2015

The IAEA inspects around 700 nuclear facilities every year. In-field safeguards activities are supported by activities at the IAEA’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria. These include the processing, review and validation of information that is generated from equipment installed by the IAEA at nuclear facilities.

Such equipment includes cameras that monitor activities at facilities twenty four hours a day. These surveillance units can record data, which are collected in the facility by IAEA inspectors, or are transmitted to the Remote Monitoring Unit at IAEA Headquarters, where they are analysed.  

Before being installed by IAEA technicians at facilities, these cameras need to be appropriately prepared, calibrated and tested. This work is carried out at the IAEA’s Safeguards Surveillance Laboratory. 

Last update: 2 August 2018


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